“Do I have value to offer?” (How to get clear on the value you bring.)

“Do I have value to offer?”

“What do I have to contribute that hasn’t already been said or done?”  

“If I increase my prices, can I deliver the value to match?”


This topic comes up frequently in my work with clients. Whether you’re stepping into a new business, sharing a new message, or increasing your prices, self-doubt can kick in.

So let’s break this down for a moment.

As a coach, founder or thought leader, the value you bring stems from 3 core areas:

1. Your skills.
2. Your life experience.
3. Your frequency.

Your skills are what most people think about when it comes to value. 

These are the things you’ve learned through study and practice. The fabulous thing about skills is you can always continue to improve them!

However, feeling like you don’t have enough skills and knowledge can also easily become an excuse. This happens when you keep taking courses, obtaining certifications, or getting more degrees and accolades, and yet you never quite feel like it’s “enough” to do what you want to do, or charge the rates you want to charge.

Your life experience is what you’ve gone through and the lessons you’ve learned through direct experience. 

This is where the phrase “turn your mess into your message” comes from. Whatever you’ve gone through, positive or challenging, has taught you something that you can share.

The best thing about this is that you are the ONLY expert at your own life experience. No one else has been through exactly what you’ve been through. You bring a unique set of perspectives and experiences to the table.

(Which means, you don’t have to try so hard to stand out. When you’re authentic and share your true self, you naturally do!)

The final area is one that most people overlook: your frequency. 

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. We can feel someone’s energy before they even open their mouth to speak. 

This means you are transmitting a frequency – sort of like a WiFi or radio signal – that people can feel when they interact with you, both in person and even online.

I believe that when we work with a great coach, read a thought leader’s book, or hear someone speak, we are tapping into their frequency. The words they say and the strategies they share can be valuable, but much of the transformation happens through transmission.

This is something we cannot (yet) measure.
It’s hard to grasp with the mind.
But you can FEEL it.

Some people will “resonate” with your frequency. They will sense there is something about you that pulls them in, even if they don’t know why. Others will be repelled, or simply uninterested. 

This isn’t personal! 

It has nothing to do with your value. It just means those aren’t the people you’re meant to touch – at least not at this time.

When you really get this, you will realize: The skills, knowledge & strategies you bring to the table are only a tiny fraction of the value you bring. And in this age of information overflow, where people can learn just about anything for free online, this percentage is rapidly shrinking.

Your true value lies in your life experiences and the energy or frequency you bring. Both of these are 100% unique to you. 

There is no one exactly like you on this entire planet.

So no, you won’t have value to everyone. 

But do you believe there is ONE person in this world whose life would be changed by working with you? Perhaps even two or three?

Then focus on them – and forget everyone else. That’s who you’re doing this for.

If you try to get everyone to like you, you’ll dilute who you really are, and the people who are meant to work with you won’t be able to find you and “resonate” with you.

But if you stay true to who you really are, and boldly share yourself & your message authentically with the world, then you cannot help but touch the people you’re meant to.





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