Creating from stress & pressure vs. ease & flow.

I’m sitting here after a luxurious 3.5 hour dinner in Sicily, reflecting on how my life has changed.

The pacing has slowed significantly. My way of moving through life has shifted — from stress to flow. Allowing life to flow through me. Tapping into my creativity.

Trusting the pacing of life’s unfolding… while still having full clarity about what I desire, and intent in co-creating it with God. 

(Or something even better!)

I went through a brief season of over-intensity recently when we moved cross-country, and I was astonished at how foreign it felt to me.

(Like an old software that no longer runs on my operating system. Or a snake’s skin that I shed, then briefly tried crawling back into, only to find that it will never fit again.)

From this new place, I create results with so much more ease than I ever imagined possible. I feel more alive and energized than ever before.

Honestly, I’m super grateful for the old way. It taught me so much about how to create and generate. It helped me get to where I am today.

And, I remember longing for a different way… A way of relaxation ease, without compromising my results. A way of creativity and flow.

So I say to the Makena of 2 years ago — and *especially* to the Makena of 5-10 years ago:

“You’re rocking it beautiful. And, your gut feeling is right: There IS an easier way. Keep searching, and trusting. Your heart and intuition will help guide you to the right people and circumstances that will open up a new world to you — a new way of moving through the world with pleasure, play, and fun. And yes, more prosperity too!”

I used to think I had to choose between making great money and doing what I loved. Then I proved to myself I could have both.

Once I had the passion AND success, I thought I could only grow it by working even harder.

Now I know that while focus and intent are non-negotiable — if my work feels “hard” then I’m actually off track. Sometimes in what I’m doing, but more often in HOW I’m doing it, and the energy I’m creating from.

Where are you creating from? 

Stress and pressure? Or ease and flow?





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