Why I DON’T want to scale my business

I don’t want to scale my business.

This may be an unpopular approach, because it seems like everyone is talking about scaling their business these days.

And I was one of them! Until about a year ago, when I realized I was pointing at the wrong target.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have a good WHY for scaling. I wanted to make a bigger impact. And create true wealth for me and my family. And show others what’s possible. There was plenty of “why” there.

But what I hadn’t looked deeply enough into was the kind of lifestyle I really wanted, and how I wanted to be spending my time over the next 5, 10, 20 years.

I thought I had. 

I said, “I’m up for putting in the hard work.” 

And I was! I followed that path for over 2 years.

We were growing our team, hiring and training coaches to lead some of our programs, and I was outsourcing like a champ.

Except… I only got busier. My schedule got more and more hectic. And after a while I realized: I was completely out of alignment with my zone of genius and the things I truly LOVE to do.

I was spending most of my time running the team, thinking about marketing strategy, overseeing complicated campaigns and ad budgets…

… and very little time being in my creative flow, developing new offerings, coaching our clients, and enjoying the space & freedom that I was supposedly working so hard for.

So I changed everything.

Now, I operate in my zone of genius 80-90% of the time. I love EVERYTHING I’m doing in my business (I literally said this to one of my coaches the other day!). I am in my creative flow. I’m coaching our groups and select 1:1 clients.

Oh – and I spend a lot more time LIVING and enjoying my free time too. (I’ve taken something like 7 weeks off this year already!)

Revenue took a little dip initially, but it’s back up to where it used to be – with so much more ease. 

Making these changes was super scary. But it’s paid off big time!

That’s why I’m passionate about the topic of reinvention and “death & rebirth” cycles.

Because sometimes an old version of you… your life… or your career/business has to die, in order for a new and even better one to be born.

It may be scary. But it’s so worth it.

So… what do you really want for yourself and your career/business?

Let’s find out…

I’m hosting a FREE Rebirth Roadmap™ masterclass, and I’d love to see you there.

Learn more and sign up here: www.RebirthMasterclass.com


P.S. I’m still completely open to business growth and setting up systems for sustainable support and revenue. I’m just going about it VERY differently — in alignment with my natural rhythm & energy, instead of working against it.



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