Where is your “inner critic” coming from?

Is the critical voice in your head even you? 

Or is it someone else’s burden that you’ve been carrying around all this time?

Recently, I helped a client see that the voice that talked down to them inside their head for decades wasn’t even theirs.

It was their father’s.

And they had taken it on so completely that they identified with it, and often believed the negative things it said.

“You’ll never be successful unless you have a stable job.”
“Be realistic.”
“You have to work hard to get ahead in life.”

When she realized where that voice actually came from, it set her free.

I told her, “That’s his burden to carry, not yours. You can put it down.”

And she did.

(Truthfully — it’s not his either. Someone passed it down to him too. But it isn’t up to her to heal him. He’s on his own journey.)

Will the voice go away forever? I believe it can. But this takes practice.

For now, she gets to have awareness when it arises that it is not her Truth.

For years, she wondered: “What if that voice is right?” But her deeper self knows better.

She is a brilliant light, and a force for good in this world.

She naturally embodies ease.

And she is already successful. So there is nothing left to prove.

The truth is, that voice is just trying to protect her. But it’s using up a huge amount of energy in doing so. It’s “bound” that energy up inside of her.

Imagine what will happen when these parts of her stop fighting each other. What if she could make peace with that inner protector, and get them to work with her instead of against her?

Suddenly all that powerful energy can be put toward creating.

Watch out world… 

If you relate to this post, then ask yourself these questions:

• What are the repeating negative thoughts that run through my head when I’m being hard on myself?Are these even mine? Or is there an energetic signature to these thoughts that I can trace back to someone (or multiple someone’s) else? (Likely in my childhood.)

• If these thoughts aren’t even mine, am I willing to release them? Can I set down the heavy suitcase I’ve been carrying around that isn’t even mine to hold?

• Am I willing to forgive whoever instilled these thoughts in me — knowing they too had them instilled into them? Can I love them anyway?

• How can I love this inner “protector” who has just been trying to keep me safe? What can I be grateful for about how it’s helped me?

• Can I make peace with my inner protector, and ask it to support me? What kind of new job can I give to this part of me?

• What does my SOUL know is actually true? Who am I really? What do I truly desire to create?

• What action can I take TODAY to move in the direction of what I want?

Be kind to yourself. Be tender with your heart. This is deep work.

And there is so much freedom on the other side.




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