When I stopped trying to “fix” myself, I began to REVEAL myself.

I used to feel like there was so much I needed to fix and heal, in order to become the best version of me.

That’s what personal development and being on your healing journey are about, right? (Or so I used to believe.)

Over the years, my beliefs have changed.

I now see myself (and others) more like a diamond that hasn’t yet been mined. There may be all sorts of rock and other material piled on top of our natural light. But when we remove more and more of the surrounding material, something beautiful gets revealed.

In the same way, you are already whole and complete. You are already beautiful, and worthy.

Yes, there may be some “stuff” you get to release in order to remember who you really are. There may also be some lessons and skills you get to learn that will shape you into the beautiful shining being you were always meant to be.

But never forget – the diamond was always there inside of you.

So instead of going out there and trying to become something you feel like you’re not.

What if you get to reveal more of what’s already inside of you, and actualize the parts of you that have yet to see the light?




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