“What part of you DOESN’T want your business to succeed?”

“What part of you DOESN’T want your business to succeed?” I asked her.

The question stopped her in her tracks.

I could tell she wanted to protest that “All of me wants it to succeed!”

But she caught herself, and looked deeper before answering…

“You know, the truth is that there is a part of me that doesn’t want it to succeed because I like the way my life is right now. I have an established career. I make good money and have flexibility. I think part of me doesn’t want to mess with that. I worry that pivoting into this new business is going to mean I’ll have to give up the lifestyle I’ve worked hard to create.”


For over a year, she’d thought that what was holding her back from growing her business was a mix of self-doubt & not having the right strategies in place.

But when we dug deeper, she realized that was only maybe 10% of what was getting in her way.

The reality was, a part of her was IN RESISTANCE – and as a result, there was little-to-no movement happening in her business.

So I asked her:

“What if we created a vision + roadmap for your new business that would allow for the kind of freedom and flexibility you desire? That way, you consciously create a business that fits the lifestyle you desire – instead of the other way around?”

Within days of this conversation, she was booking calls with potential clients left and right. Within weeks, she was enrolling paying clients in her new business (after months of stagnation).

When we addressed what was truly AT THE ROOT of her resistance, it cleared up. ✨

The truth is, you don’t need another strategy. What you need is clarity about what’s REALLY holding you back from growing your business.

Which is why I created my FREE Magnetize Masterclass series – to walk you through the most powerful mindset shifts I use with myself & my clients to help you:

… Breakthrough any fears, self-doubt, patterns or resistance that is slowing (or stopping) your business growth…

… Create a crystal clear vision that is so compelling it *pulls* you forward (instead of feeling like growing your business is such a *push* and struggle all the time).

Learn more and sign up for free at www.MagnetizeMasterclass.com.




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