Tired of comparing yourself to others?

Tired of comparing yourself to others?

Try this perspective on for a while…

What if every quality you admire in others was something you already
have the potential for within yourself… It simply hasn’t been actualized yet?

Most of us compare ourselves to others and feel “less than.”

But what if instead, you got excited when you observed something in another person that sparked a desire or curiosity within you – because you knew it was a sign that this is something your SOUL wants to self-actualize?

This is my belief, and it has changed the way I view others’ gifts and successes.

When I feel that “tug” of what used to be jealousy, envy, or simply me feeling hard on myself for not being as “extraordinary” as someone else, I tune in and ask: “What am I desiring to self-actualize here?”

For example, I saw a man speak a couple of years ago, and I remember feeling both fascinated and a little bit triggered by the way he spoke, interacted with the audience, and moved his body.

So I asked myself, “What is it about him that’s bringing stuff up for me?”

And I realized, he was so DYNAMIC. He was speaking totally off-the-cuff and interacting with the audience. Nothing about it felt structured.

I realized this felt triggering to me because I felt super “contained” in my energy at that time. I was a good speaker, sure. But I was structured and planned. I definitely wasn’t dynamic.

So I set out to shift that.

Not by “fixing” or changing myself. But by recognizing the ability already existed within me. I simply chose to start actualizing it.

Who have you been comparing yourself to – and what are the qualities about them you desire to actualize within yourself?




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