This is what it feels like to be in flow.

This is what it feels like to be in flow.
Weightless. Dancing.
Allowing the energy of the Universe to move through you.

There is no control.
Only an effortless give and take.

No idea where you end, and where God begins.

Swept up in the pure joy of creation.
Sharing your gifts, without shame.

Ego moves aside to allow the pure channel of energy
to move through you.

No more whispers of “Am I enough?”
Only deep trust.

That this is what you were BORN for.
That by shining your light, you liberate others.
That the days of shrinking and dimming your light are over.

You emerge from the cocoon
Of past failures and heartbreaks
And the lessons they taught you.

You emerge with a song inside your heart,
And a calling from deep within your soul.

You emerge… and it appears as though you’re soaring.

People judge. “She must be lucky.”
And you smile.

Because you know you are infinitely blessed.
And so are they.

You’ve chosen to walk your path
With eyes wide open.
And heart wide open.

You’ve woken up inside the dream
In full remembrance of your divinity.

With open arms, you dance.
Inviting those who wish to join you
To release the stories that say they can’t
And step out onto the floor.

This, my dearest love, is what you were BORN for.

~ By Makena Sage



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