The “Universe Double-Check”

What is the “Universe Double-Check?”

It’s moment when you get clear on something — and then the universe presents you with the perfect situation to DOUBLE CHECK… are you *really* sure that’s what you want?

I remember this happening with a client a couple of years ago. She had launched her business and made around $30k her first year. When we started working together, she doubled her revenue to $60k, and then doubled it again to $120k the year after that.

Which is when it happened. Her Universe Double-Check.

Out of the blue, she got an opportunity to work for a company, in a position she would have DREAMED about just a year or two before.

Here she was, growing like crazy and on the verge of another big up-level in her business… and she got her dream job offer.

I told her, “This is God / Source / the Universe making sure you really want to do the entrepreneurial thing. Before you can grow to the next level, you get to decide whether you are ALL IN, or whether there’s a different path you’d rather take instead.”

“Fortunately, there’s no ‘right’ answer. If you take the job, that’s perfect! If you don’t, that’s perfect too. But either way, this is a turning point moment for you.”

Did she take the job? The truth is, it doesn’t really matter. As I said, either choice was perfect, as long as it was what felt in the highest alignment for her.

The point of this post is that the Universe will often double-check our commitment to a path… a choice… a change. (Sometimes it will even triple and quadruple check!)

If there is ANY hesitation in you… anything other than 100% clarity and commitment, then you will often receive these double check moments.

The gift in this is the opportunity to choose.

Perhaps you will see the path you are on isn’t actually the right one for you. You may choose the alternate path provided by the Universe at this time.

Or, you’ll recommit to the choice you’ve made — and you won’t question it again. At least not for a long time!

(That is the ideal scenario anyway. Because sitting in the in-between is painful.)

So give yourself the gift of going ALL IN on whatever you choose, and feeling good about it! 😘




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