The Myth of Entrepreneurship + Permission to Be YOU

It’s time to stop over-glamorizing entrepreneurship…

I’ve seen far too many friends get hard on themselves because they haven’t ‘made it’ as an entrepreneur yet. Or because they work a 9-5 or a part-time job – when many of their friends are business owners.

This has to stop. Seriously.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

And even if you are destined to work for yourself eventually, it may not be in your highest good right now.


I say, do what is right for you, right now – and feel good about it!

And if what feels right for you changes, then reserve the right to change your mind.

You could go back and forth between working a job and running a business for the rest of your life.

As long as that makes you happy, GO FOR IT.

But please, please do not get caught in the trap of comparing yourself to your friends who are entrepreneurs, and feeling ‘less than’ in any way…

You are beautiful.
You are talented.
You are unique.
You have gifts to share with the world.

And there are so many paths to doing that…

Your path will be as unique as you are.

Yes, I’m an entrepreneur. And yes, I do love it.

It has its own set of challenges (growth opportunities), but they feel like the ‘good’ kind of challenges for me right now.

AND I love and value my friends who work in jobs, my friends who run their own businesses, and my friends who don’t work at all – equally.

I hope you can extend the same gift to yourself.

What you do (or don’t do) has no bearing on what a brilliant, lovable, gorgeous soul you are.

Deep down, you know it’s true.

Can you let yourself FEEL it?

I love you. <3



P.S. If entrepreneurship totally turns you on and lights you up, then by all means – carry on! You do you. #EndRant

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