“Overwhelm is a lie.”

“Overwhelm is a lie.”

I used to get constantly overwhelmed. It felt like my to do list never got done. I thought, “If only I can get these things finished, THEN I can finally relax.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s what I’ve learned…

The to-do list NEVER gets done. And even if it does, it doesn’t feel like you hoped it would.

Now, when I experience moments of overwhelm, I remind myself: “Overwhelm is a lie.”

I know I have three choices when I feel overwhelmed:

#1 – Feel stressed. Complain. Get super wound up. (Then end up losing time, energy & productivity because I’m so stressed and exhausted.)

#2 – Make a different choice. Shift priorities around. Cross some things off my list – or put them on a list for later. Take the evening off, and start fresh in the morning.

#3 – Shift my perspective. If I don’t want to let go of anything I’m doing, then I can still choose to change my attitude about it. Instead of, “My life is so busy,” I can choose to think, “Wow, my life is so full and fulfilling!” (When I change my attitude, everything flows with more ease.)

Overwhelm is a lie because you ALWAYS have another option. If someone said, “I’ll give you $1 Million if you can make more space & time in your schedule,” you would do it in a heartbeat.

It took me YEARS of stress before I learned this lesson. And it’s been one of the most liberating and freeing shifts I’ve ever made.

I hope it serves you too.




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