My journey from “disempowered maiden” to “mature woman”

Hi friends, I want to share something close to my heart – a journey of rediscovering my power and stepping from the “disempowered maiden” into the “mature woman” in my life & business. (More on that below.)⁣

For the past couple of years, I’ve been on a path of rapid transformation. Not just in business, but in the way I approach every area of my life. ⁣

When I first stepped into coaching, I loved what I did, but I still felt like a victim in my life & biz in little sneaky ways. There were areas where I felt like I had to do certain things – and moments when it felt like life was happening to me, and I didn’t have much choice in the matter. ⁣

I didn’t know it, but I was operating from the space of the “disempowered maiden.”⁣

Stepping into my mature woman was like embracing my true self. ⁣

It meant setting healthy boundaries, taking care of myself, and making choices from a place of what I really wanted (not what I thought I “should” do). 

Operating from this space feels like sipping on a cup of joy & confidence every morning. 

No more playing small or feeling resentful or regretful – it’s all about setting boundaries and living life by design! ⁣

Before, there were those subtle moments when I’d question if I was truly calling the shots in my work and life. But stepping into my mature woman has been like putting on a cape of empowerment, peace and confidence. 

So if you’ve ever felt the disempowered maiden vibes trying to sneak in, know this: you have the power to consciously shift into your confident self. And let me tell you, the richness waiting for you on the other side of this journey is absolutely priceless. ⁣




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