My Body Was Talking to Me (But I didn’t want to listen.)

My body was talking to me – but I didn’t want to listen.

Has this ever happened to you?

Both of my big “death & rebirth” cycles as an adult started with my body talking to me… 

The first time, I was having anxiety & almost-daily panic attacks. 

The second time, an old health issue came up that I thought I’d left in the past for good. 

Though it was challenging at the time, I’m deeply grateful for this now. 

Because I know it was my soul’s way of getting my attention… using physical symptoms to wake me up to the fact that something needed to change. 

When we don’t listen to that inner whisper, life finds a way of waking us up.

It could be a health crisis, a breakup or divorce, a job loss, or some other challenge. Perhaps you’re going through something like this right now. 

Or, you may be feeling that inner nudge telling you, “something needs to change.” But what? And how? And what if you’re wrong?

I can tell you from experience… No matter what kind of death & rebirth you’re going through, it will be so much easier if you CHOOSE IT FULLY.

Lean in. Dig deep. Surrender to what life is telling you. 

Because if you resist, it will come back even stronger than before. 

That’s why I created the FREE Rebirth Roadmap™ masterclass

It’s designed to help you consciously walk through the fires of transformation, so you can be reborn from the ashes. 

(And no – you don’t have to burn your whole life to the ground. Only the parts that no longer serve. More than anything, you will transform… and the rest of your life will follow.) 

So, are you ready to lean in? 

I’d be honored to guide you on this journey. 

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