I’ve burned out twice. (Here’s what I learned…)

I’ve burned out twice. Once in a 6-figure marketing career, and once running a $500k coaching business. 

The culprit?

Me, of course.

But more specifically, my pattern of getting stuck in “go mode.” 

I was constantly going-going-going. I often worked long hours. And even in my personal life, I had fun — but I rarely felt like I could truly unwind.

It’s like a part of me was always ON. My mind was constantly busy — with work, stuff around the house, or a million other “to do’s.”

I thought if I could just cross them all off my list, then I could finally relax and let go.

But of course, that day never came.

Fortunately, there was a bright side!

Burnout #1 led me to change careers, and step into work I love.

Burnout #2 led me to change the way I approached my work AND life forever.

I said goodbye to overwhelm and overwork. I committed to far more “flow mode” in my life — and I’ve kept that commitment.

Best of all, I’ve truly found a way to blend “go mode” and “flow mode” to get things done and get results in life & business without burning out.

(Case in point: I’m writing this post while sunbathing naked because it’s a beautiful day outside, and I just felt like it!)

Imagine what it would feel like to be in flow… loving the work you’re doing so much that it feels like play… taking plenty of time for rest, nourishment & fun… taking impeccable care of yourself… and still making lots of money!

I didn’t get here overnight but I’ve helped many of my clients completely shift their reality and way of operating in 6-12 months.

•  Radically decreasing stress levels
•  Completely eliminating anxiety
•  1.5x — 4x-ing their income
•  Getting support so they can free themselves up
•  Feeling more relaxed and in flow than ever before

These kinds of transformations have taken place in my work with high achieving women who are business owners or in the corporate world — who were typically earning $90K or more when we started together.

If this sounds like you and…

… you’re tired of the burnout cycle.

… you’re ready to earn more and work less.

… you long to feel energized, alive and truly excited about life again.

Then let’s talk. 

Read more about private coaching here.

I look forward to connecting with you!




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