I nearly quit coaching.

Last year, I nearly quit coaching.

It sounds crazy when I say it because I honestly, truly LOVE what I do. And I’ve been running a successful coaching business for 5 years now!

So what on earth would possess me to quit?!

It all started with a minor health crisis…

I’ve had a recurring issue with cysts for nearly a decade now. But over the past few years, I finally got some answers. I worked a lot on my health, and for the first time ever, I had a cyst that went away on its own (without surgery). I was so excited!

But then last summer, I got not one, but TWO new cysts.

I was devastated. I cried and cried.
And then I dug deeper…

With the support of my brilliant coach and mentor Gigi Sage we dove into the emotional root cause of the cysts. (Mind you, I’d spent years trying to figure that out on my own. But within a single conversation, Gigi saw it.)

It had to do with a PUSHING energy that I’ve brought to my life and work for as long as I can remember. You might call it too much “go mode” and not enough flow.

I would get into these modes where I’d push-push-push and put all this pressure on myself. I’d work long hours and get into this super wound-up state that it was really difficult to unwind from.

I realized that this PUSHING energy was literally causing cysts to push up through my skin. And when I saw this clearly, something in me broke down.

I just stopped. I thought, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do anything that will compromise my health and well-being. I’m done.”

This thought terrified me. But it also liberated me.

I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know exactly what.

Until finally, it all clicked.

After months of being “in the mush” (as I like to call that phase of transition when you feel like a caterpillar stuck in goo wondering if there is still a world out there, and if you’ll ever emerge again), I finally got clarity.

I saw that I absolutely wanted to continue coaching. Because coaching for me is not work – it’s a calling. And it is a path that allows me to fulfill my highest purpose in this lifetime, which is to be a creative conduit for what wants to flow through me from God / Source / the Universe.

What needed to change wasn’t WHAT I was doing. It was HOW I was doing it.

I had approached work as “work” for as long as I could remember. I built my businesses in such a way that I worked all the time. And I brought an energy of stress, pressure, and hard work to it – even though I had complete freedom over how and how much I worked!

When I shifted this, everything changed.

I don’t work hard anymore. I create. I show up in my gifts. I tune into my heart & soul.

I ask:

“What is my soul longing to create?”
“How can I add value today?”
“How much FUN can I have in the process?”

As a result, my life has become pure magic. No exaggeration.

I feel lit up and energized.
In sync and in flow with the Universe.
In alignment with my soul’s calling.

People are being magnetized to me. Clients. Collaboration partners. Friends.

Opportunities are showing up out of nowhere. Synchronicities abound.

After over a decade as an entrepreneur, it feels like I’ve *finally* cracked the code.

I’ve finally discovered how to have work feel like PLAY. How to break free of the patterns and “blocks” that held me back for so long. How to grow my business from a place of 100% alignment and OVERFLOW because I’m so lit up and inspired it can’t help but flow out of me.

Which is why I decided to host a free 3-part masterclass series called MAGNETIZE.

The slogan is:

“Screw complicated marketing – and the “hard work” paradigm.
Let’s grow your business with fun and flow.”


This series is NOT about strategy. It’s about clarity, mindset & magnetism.

You will leave with clarity. You will leave having broken through the fears and “blocks” that have held you back or slowed you down in the past. You will leave transformed.

Magnetism isn’t something outside of you. It’s a quality within you that’s waiting to be unlocked.

It would be my honor & privilege to catalyze you stepping into your power.

Learn more and sign up for free at www.MagnetizeMasterclass.com.




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