“I followed you for 2 years before I signed up.”

“I followed you for 2 years before I signed up.”

☝️ And that right there is why CONSISTENCY is one of the biggest keys to your success!!!☝️

One of my new clients said this to me during the welcome call for Simplified Business Bootcamp this week. And the most amazing part is that I had NO IDEA she was following me until very recently!

Still, it didn’t surprise me all that much because I hear some version of this all the time.

So – let me ask you:

Are you showing up consistently?

This could be:

✅ Hosting regular in-person events
✅ Creating a podcast and sticking with it
✅ Posting consistently on social media

The WAY you’re consistent isn’t all that important.

What matters is that you Keep. Showing. Up.

You have no idea what ideal clients are out there watching and “waiting in the wings.”




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