I felt a lot of fear today.

I felt a lot of FEAR today.

And instead of ignoring it or pushing through it, I leaned into it.

“What are you afraid of?” I asked.

“I’m afraid of failing at this thing that is important to me,” it replied. ”I’m afraid of being embarrassed.”

So I leaned into that feeling…

I let my body fill with fear and embarrassment. I felt it fully, and I did not shy away.

After a few minutes of this, tears streaming down my face, something interesting happened.

I felt lighter. I felt less afraid.

When I avoided this feeling, it persisted in the background, like a low level hum of stress, anxiety, or just feeling a bit “off.”

But as soon as I leaned in COMPLETELY, it diminished significantly in a matter of minutes.

Then I did the mindset work…

✨ What are the beliefs underneath these feelings?
✨ Are they REALLY true?
✨ Is there evidence I can find to the contrary?
✨ What’s a new belief that ALSO feels true that I want to adopt instead?
✨ How does that new belief make me feel?

And so on…

But here’s the key: mindset alone isn’t enough. First, you get to FEEL your feelings fully.

When you do this — as long as you don’t get stuck in a story — they will start to shift within minutes.

So much of how I’ve been able to grow and sustain multiple successful businesses over the past decade is because I learned how to navigate the INNER GAME.

Entrepreneurship can feel like a rollercoaster sometimes. 🤪

Are you screaming in terror — or enjoying the ride? 🎢




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