I am led by God.

I am led by God. By the deepest callings of my heart & soul.

I am led by my higher self. I surrender control.

From a girl who needed certainty, security, and a plan for everything… I have grown into a woman who dances between desire & surrender.

Flowing between the questions of:

“What do I want?” and
“What wants to happen?”

I love each barrier within myself. Each stuck or frozen part that wants to HOLD ON and not let go. I melt these old defenses with deep listening, understanding, and love.

There are days when I forget. When I convince myself I need to figure it all out.

But then, my body tenses. My jaw tightens. And I remember. Because the body never lies.

“You are a spark of the Divine. You are one wing of a bird – and the other wing is Grace.
Your mind is here to support you, not to guide you. Rest back into the truth of who you are.”

I am led by God. I am God.

And so are you.  ✨




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