“How can I learn to listen to my intuition?”

Following your intuition is a skill. It is a muscle you develop over time.

For me, it began with learning to discern the difference between:


Is this coming from your head? From what seems logical, practical, or like a “good idea?”

Is it coming from your heart? From your DESIRE, excitement, and aliveness?

Or is it coming from your gut? From that deeper knowing. Even if it doesn’t make practical sense?

For me, intuition comes primarily from the gut.

However, I also deeply value the wisdom of desire (the heart).

These two ways of Knowing guide my life.

I used to make decisions from my head. Until I discovered they never got me where I ultimately wanted to go.

Of course, those were the perfect lessons to teach me that there is a different way.

But life is so much sweeter since I learned to listen from a deeper place.

“But what if my intuition leads me down the wrong path?” You might ask. “What if I regret this decision later?”

My point of view:

I don’t believe our intuition ever steers us wrong. When you learn to listen to the deepest calling of your heart, gut, and soul – there is ALWAYS a reason for it.

You may not see these reasons in the moment. But you will connect the dots later looking back. And you’ll be amazed at the perfection of it all.

That choice that seemed like a “mistake” at the time was actually the perfect way for you to get clarity about what you DON’T want (so you could see clearly what you do).

That decision you spent years regretting turned out to be the perfect lesson that helped shape you into who you are today – with all your wisdom and depth.

How would your life be different if you chose to see your past through this lens?

And how much more freedom would it give you in the choices you make today?




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