Getting Clarity on Your Ideal Client (2 Guided Visualization Audios)

I’ve been dreaming up these free guided visualizations for a while…

This is the exact process I go through when I’m sitting down to write marketing copy.

I literally imagine I AM the ideal client I’m writing to…

I feel their pains, struggles, and what keeps them up at night. I know their hopes and dreams. I sense what’s holding them back from making a purchasing decision (be it time, money, awareness, or trust).

Then – and only then – I begin to write. (Or, I review copy or funnels that have already been created from the ideal client’s perspective… and edit accordingly.)

It sounds strange, but this technique is super powerful.

Imagine the clarity that would come with this deep understanding of your ideal client (the kind of client you would LOVE to have 1,000 more of).

Imagine being able to “become” them whenever you are thinking up a new marketing strategy — or when you’re wondering if the copy you’ve just drafted will resonate.

I’ve recorded a 2-Part Ideal Client Visualization Exercise to help you do exactly that

I hope you enjoy them!



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