The Art of Momentum in Business


Have there been times in your life or business where it feels like everything just lines up – where the heavens and Earth move when you’re working toward a goal?

Or you’re just in a state of MAGIC, and synchronicities are happening everywhere?

If this is in your business, maybe you’re getting referrals out of the blue. Everything is helping you to move in the direction you want to go.

Then you’ve probably had times that are the opposite as well…

Where it just feels like you’re slugging through the mud – like nothing is moving.

When you put energy out, you’re not getting the results you want back. OR it’s just this one-for-one – exactly the amount of energy you put out, you get back, and no more.

What I want to talk about is that first scenario, because people often think that this is something that “just happens” to you. Sometimes things work like magic and sometimes they don’t.

And while to some degree that’s true – and there are some forces out of our control – there’s also an art to creating momentum in your life and business.

Today I’m going to talk about it specifically for your business, but you can take some of this and apply it to your life as well.

Once again, momentum is about that state where when you put energy out there, even more comes back to you – and it feels like everything is lining up to move you in the direction you want to go.

So there are a few steps to creating momentum that I’ve learned in my own business, as well as in working with high performers at every stage – from just starting out in their businesses, to very successful but going online for the first time, to clients that are at multiple seven figures with a strong online presence already.

The first step in creating this momentum is to make sure that the direction you’re going is aligned for you.

What I mean by that is: Is this really the direction you want to be moving? Let’s say you’re starting a new business… Is this business really, really what you want to be doing? Are these the people that you can most serve?

And if it’s not a new business… Let’s say you’re bringing your work online, and maybe you have a certain online program you want to launch. Is this where you want to begin? Are the people that you’re targeting with this program the kind of people you want to be working with? And is this business direction going to fit the lifestyle that you want to have?

Imagine it’s one year from today, and you’re looking back at the last year of your life.

Think about having done this project, or gone this direction in your business…

Are you where you want to be?
Is your lifestyle what you want it to be?
Or is it NOT actually the right direction because this idea is coming more from your head – and isn’t really aligned with your heart, soul, and what you really want?

Get really clear on this because if it’s not aligned, you may push in a certain direction and something in YOU is going to hold you back. OR something in the universe is going to hold you back because it’s not actually the direction you want to be going. So that is step number one.

Step number two is to recognize that it takes some time.

One of the big things I see happen is that there are a lot of amazing visionary entrepreneurs out there – and I imagine that you watching this probably consider yourself one of them. So you’re a visionary, you’re an ideas person, you’re brilliant at your work – and along with that visionary gift comes some “shiny object syndrome.”

You get excited about new ideas, new things are coming to you all the time, and you’re maybe seeing other strategies that people are using and going, “Oh, I should be doing that!”

This is totally normal, and it’s completely okay to have all those ideas. In fact, it’s part of your brilliance! So I don’t want you to try to dampen that down. But I do want you to realize that – in order to move your business forward and to really get the results and the momentum that you want – you can’t be jumping around to so many different projects.

So what do you do? Write all those ideas down. Then, once you’re clear about the one you want to go for – the one that feels really aligned – then I want you to commit to it.

And when you commit to it, you’re going to keep moving forward – even when it feels like nothing is happening for a while.

There’s a certain amount of time you need to put into this.

It’s like pushing a boulder up a hill. You’re pushing it up the hill, and it’s heavy, and it feels like nothing’s happening and there’s no momentum whatsoever. It’s all the force that you can put into it. And it’s hard sometimes, right? But what happens if you let go of that rock and go start pushing another rock up the hill? It’s going to roll down the hill, and then you’re not going to make it to the summit, or down the other side. You’re not going to get the results you want.

So what I want you to do is, once you pick that idea, stick with it. Keep moving forward, even when it feels like nothing is happening.

Because over time, that momentum is going to build. You’re going to get to maybe some flatter ground, or you’ll get to the top of that mountain and it will to start to roll on its own – with you there just to kind of guide it and keep it going.

The third step is to recognize that the energy you put in isn’t always going to come back in the way that you might expect.

That’s not the way momentum works.

For example, let’s say that you are just starting out in business and you’re beginning to expand your network… You’re having calls with people, going on coffee dates, and going to networking events. A lot of times what people do is they go into that and they think, “Oh, these people might be clients.” And that may be true!

However, in my experience, it’s really more about you showing up, being of service, and sharing your gifts. Then what will happen is over time – as you continue to put energy out there and become known – is you’ll start to get referrals sent to you out of the blue.

It’s not that those people you meet will necessarily always become your clients, but they’ll know what you do, they’ll remember you showing up in your gifts and maybe being of service to them in some way, and they will send people your way.

Another example is if you’re going online with a new program… Let’s say you’ve been successful offline, and now you’re creating an online presence. Well, we think, “Oh, I’ll do these things and then I’ll have this big email list and I’m going to fill my programs that way.” Like it’s just going to happen exactly as you planned.

But as you know from being in business, success is not always a straight line, right?

So keeping that in mind with momentum means that you may go one direction, and then something may happen to take you in another direction. Or you might try one marketing strategy, give it a good amount of time, realize it’s really not the right fit for you, and make a pivot. (Then when you get into the right strategy, results start to happen.)

I don’t want you pivoting often – but sometimes it does need to happen.

The whole point of this third step is that it may not look the way you think. But when you keep putting energy out there, and you know you’re aligned and on track, over time, MAGIC will happen. And magic is NOT predictable. It’s not something you can figure out in your head.

So you can’t have all the pieces clear, necessarily, before you get started. You just have to begin, know you’re on the right track, stick with it, and things will start to pick up. Things will start to move.

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