3 simple ways to find new clients – without social media.

3 SIMPLE ways to find new clients – without social media:

#1 – Reach out to people you already know.

I don’t mean “sell” your friends. I mean get re-connected to people in your warm network that you haven’t talked to in a while! Catch up with them, get genuinely curious about what’s going on in their world, and share genuinely about what’s going on in yours.

You’d be amazed at the doors this will open up, not only for business, but also for deeper friendships, community, and unexpected referrals and opportunities.

#2 – Expand your warm network.

Pick one way of getting connected to NEW people and do it once per week for 90 days. My favorite way to do this is by attending local events. These don’t need to be “networking” events.

Instead, think about: Where does my ideal client hang out? Go to those places and events. Do it consistently. Have genuine conversations, and follow up with the people you meet. It’s simpler and much more effective than you think!

#3 – Reconnect with past clients.

How often are you talking with your past clients? Send them an email or a text every few months to check in. Catch up on the phone or get coffee once per year. You never know who might want to hire you again, or refer their friends!


These are the top 3 strategies that helped me grow two different businesses to 6 figures and beyond, *without* complicated marketing.

Yes, they take time. But think about how much time you’re already spending creating social media content, or trying the latest “fancy” marketing strategy!

When you focus on the QUALITY of your connections instead of the QUANTITY of different things you’re doing, your business will grow.




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